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'Earth to Echo'

'Earth to Echo' film screening, 20 July 2014

Will Mellor & Jill Halfpenny, In The Club

What attracted you to this drama and the role?
Will Mellor The script first and foremost. I was supposed to do The Syndicate for Kay Mellor but I was busy doing White Van Man at the time so it clashed and I really wanted to work with her. She writes really well for working class drama and I love that kind of style she has — very naturalistic and very believable.
The plot of In The Club focuses on expectant mothers, and the problems they have to deal with, how do the men fit in?
Will Mellor I was a bit worried at first because I thought it was going to be very female dominated and that there wasn’t going to be enough in it for me to do, but when I read it I realised it’s not just about pregnant women. It’s about other lives that go on behind the pregnancy and the problems it can arouse for the father of the baby. That’s the role I play in Rick — he’s going through a tough time.
He has quite an extreme reaction when he finds out his wife Diane is pregnant…
Will Mellor It’s good news but it’s bad news for the situation he’s in because he’s been lying for a while about losing his job. How he goes about things is probably wrong but he’s doing it in the best of her interests by trying to keep it from her. But one lie turns into another and then debt collectors start turning up… It ends up being 10 times worse than it would have been if he had just admitted it in the first place.
Has he been actively trying to get a job?
Will Mellor He’s been going out every day. The first time you see him he’s more or less breaking down. The first time you see him he’s going to a building site asking for a job. He’s been sent there by the job centre and he’s on job seekers' — it is embarrassing for him. He’s in his late thirties, he’s been a printer and he’s been happy. He didn’t realise he was going to be laid off and you see the desperation in his eyes. It seems like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, so you go straight in on the weight on his shoulders.
How much does having this baby mean to Diane?
Jill Halfpenny Well, Diane’s history is that she’s tried for a baby for 10 years and she’s had a miscarriage, and so she and her husband Rick decided to adopt so they’ve already got two kids. This, Diane’s story, is like when women talk about it being a little miracle — and it really is. She never thought she could get pregnant — she’d not given up hope, she’d just gone past that point. She was very happy with the children she had, and then she finds out she’s pregnant! It really is a shock to them.
So Diane and Rick are both up for having the baby?
Jill Halfpenny Yes, they’re very much into the idea, they’re hugely excited by it. It’s a really positive thing for them. Family is her everything. She turns up for her scan at the beginning, which is when you realise nothing is going to be straightforward. She rings Rick to tell him the news and she finds out Rick’s lost his job, and has been lying to her every day, pretending to be going off to work. Within the next 24 hours her whole world literally falls apart.

What was it like wearing the prosthetic pregnancy bump on set?
Jill Halfpenny Really annoying, getting down and getting up. Yeah it reminds me of being in those stages of late labour, just dragging myself around. You have the phase where you are all beautiful and blooming and this is not that phase! I’ve had two different bumps but that’s because when you first meet me I’m just about ready to give birth. Christine Bottomley is going to be pregnant throughout the whole series.

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